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You can Reverse Lifestyle Diseases & Metabolic Disorders

Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart diseases, Digestive disorders, Skin disease, Thyroid disease, Bone disorders, Cancer & Obesity by just following my diet plans based on Ayurveda.


“The desire to live a long and healthy life and to attain the fulfilment of pleasure, wealth & fame is possible by following Ayurveda in life”

  • Cleanse

    The first stage of treatment cleanses you by following a holistic herbal ritual. Cleansing of the gut and whole body is done to remove disease causing toxins which could have caused obstruction in the circulatory & metabolic pathways. You can undergo the detoxification process from the comfort of your home. See steps in this stage below

    • Step 1 : Prakriti Assessment
    • Step 2 : Pre-session Counselling
    • Step 3 : Detoxification
  • Balance (Samatulana)

    The second stage marks the beginning of a personalized approach. Our doctor will prepare a diet chart for you and prescribe Ayurvedic medicines to boost digestion along with Yoga for a thorough augmentation of your physical and mental health. This will be complimented with Yoga to enrich you spiritually. See steps in this stage below.

    • Step 4 : Personalized Medicines and Therapies
  • Rejvenate (Rasayana)

    The third stage recalibrates your body and mind with a combination of medicines, diet, and yoga asanas to re-establishing internal health. Our doctor will prescribe a personalized regimen for you. See steps in this stage below.

    • Step 5 : Personalized Medicines and Therapies
    • Step 6 : Personalized Diet and Lifestyle Advise

The great thing about Ayurveda is, That its treatments always yield side benefits, not side effects.

I am Raghav Thukral, A fourth generation ayurvedic doctor. Treating chronic diseases with ayurvedic principles, food science and yoga!

Raghav Thukral M.D. Ayurveda Doctor Aisa Dost Jaisa

A Holistic Approach That Focuses on Right Nutrition, Ayurveda, Food Science, and Yoga.


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