What is Autoimmune Disorder

Autoimmune disorders have become increasingly prevalent in modern times, affecting millions of people worldwide. These conditions arise when the immune system, which is designed to protect the body against harmful invaders, mistakenly attacks its own healthy cells, tissues, and organs. The result is a wide array of chronic and often debilitating conditions that can significantly impact an individual’s quality of life.

When the body’s own immune system reacts to the body’s own tissues, it is called an autoimmune disease. Most dramatically, the body becomes its own enemy. Your body’s immune system fights against unhealthy bacteria and viruses, but in rare cases, the immune system can malfunction and fight its own body, leading to various diseases.

Ayurvedic Perspective on Autoimmune Disorders:

In Ayurveda, the human body is seen as a complex integration of three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These doshas govern various physiological and psychological functions and maintain harmony in the body. When these doshas become imbalanced due to factors such as improper diet, lifestyle, stress, or environmental influences, the body’s natural defence mechanisms can weaken, making it susceptible to various diseases, including autoimmune disorders.

Ayurveda attributes autoimmune disorders to the accumulation of toxins (ama) in the body, resulting from impaired digestion and metabolism. These toxins disturb the balance of the doshas and create an environment where the immune system attacks its own tissues, leading to inflammation and other symptoms associated with autoimmune conditions.

These diseases can be caused by genetic abnormalities or mutations. According to Ayurveda, autoimmune diseases are often the result of a poor lifestyle and diet. Ayurveda works on the root cause of this condition, where a compromised immune system begins to recover.

Four steps to reverse Autoimmune disorder in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic medicine offers a variety of herbs and medicines to help treat these autoimmune diseases. Its natural treatment includes detoxifying the body, improving metabolic function, and increasing bile secretion, which is important in Ayurveda for autoimmune diseases.

  • Detoxification: Ayurveda works primarily to remove toxins from the body. According to Ayurveda, toxins, or ama, disrupt the proper functioning of the immune system in the body, which often leads to autoimmune diseases.
  • Metabolic Regulation: Ayurveda not only improves skin health, but also stimulates the metabolism, which is disturbed in immune diseases. and autoimmune diseases.
  • Increase Ojus: Ojus is a substance that helps nourish the immune system. It depends a lot on the food you eat. Due to an impaired immune system and low metabolism, stream production is reduced to nothing. Therefore, Ayurveda expanded its scope of practise.
  • Correction of the Immune System: Finally, Ayurveda improves the immune system. To strengthen and improve the immune system, some Ayurvedic medicines are often used to treat autoimmune diseases such as medgrita, haritaki, bahera, amalaki, ela, and dadim. They help restore the immune system to normal.

Ayurveda offers a holistic and personalised approach to understanding and treating autoimmune disorders. By addressing the root cause of the imbalance and focusing on restoring harmony among the doshas, Ayurveda aims to not only alleviate the symptoms but also enhance the overall well-being of an individual. All it takes is a little trust and faith, along with the right Ayurvedic treatment, and you are good to go. If you want to talk about something else, consult Dr. Raghav Thukral.