Skin Disorder by Ayurveda

Is It Possible to Cure Skin Disorders With the Help of Ayurveda?

    Yes, We can cure ourselves of any skin disorder with the help of Ayurveda and also prevent its reappearance. By following ayurvedic practices, we can easily cure any disorder without taking any medications. Without using any medicines and only with the help of natural ayurvedic remedies.

    Skin Analysis by Ayurvedic Doctors:

    Firstly the Ayurveda or Ayurvedic doctors look at your skin conditions and take the following things under consideration:-

    • Genetics
    • Gut Health/ Digestion
    • Doshic imbalance
    • Dhatu imbalance viz, blood impurities etc
    • Physical & Mental stress
    • Daily routine
    • Micronutrients deficiencies

    The Completion of Skin Analysis:

    After the completion of the skin analysis, Ayurvedic doctors work on breaking the pathology and treating the root cause of the disorder. Provide ayurvedic solutions based on their skin type.

    Here are some simple home-based tips for all skin conditions:-

    • De-stressing
    • Cutting down on salt & sugar
    • No incompatible foods at all
    • No aerated drinks or sodas
    • No artificial flavours
    • Daily evacuation is a must
    • Cutting down on excess teas and coffee
    • Eating only as per appetite