Rajbir Singh: Journey to Wellness

Meet Rajbir Singh, based in Australia, who is facing multiple health issues like chronic irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), liver issues (Grade 3), hormonal imbalances, and kapha depression. For relief, Rajbir turns to Dr. Raghav Thukral, renowned for his expertise in holistic healing. With Dr. Thukral’s guidance, Rajbir embarks on a journey towards restoration, determined to overcome his ailments and regain a vibrant quality of life.

What is Kapha Depression?

This kind of depression is related to a peculiar feeling of heaviness. When we are suffering from it, we tend to sleep more, but we become increasingly drowsy. We will gain weight and be seized by an overall inertness.

Common Symptoms

  • Feeling down, dull, or sluggish
  • Speaking very little
  • Sleeping too much
  • Staying in bed all-day
  • Having a poor outlook on life
  • Weight gain

To avoid this condition, work to calm the kapha in your life. This can be done by circumventing sweet, salty, and sour flavors while favoring bitter, pungent, and astringent ones. Moreover, it’s best to avoid heavy foods. When planning meals, enjoy three regular, small meals per day without snacking in between.


Rajbir Singh, from Australia, has a multitude of health issues, including chronic Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), liver grade 3 complications, hormonal imbalances, and KAPHA-related depression.

Despite seeking treatment from renowned doctors in Australia, he found himself in a disheartening situation where his concerns were not adequately addressed. Instead, he was prescribed depression medications for an extended period, exacerbating his acute IBS issues and forcing him to abandon his work due to the severity of his condition.

Treatment Journey:

Feeling disillusioned and desperate for relief, Rajbir Singh made a significant decision to travel to India in search of alternative medical assistance. Rajbir’s journey took a turn for the better when he met Dr. Raghav, a compassionate nutritionist with a positive outlook. Dr. Raghav listened attentively to Rajbir’s woes and offered tailored solutions with a keen focus on holistic healing.

Treatment Plan:

Dr. Raghav’s approach centered on nurturing the body and mind, aiming to address the root causes of Rajbir’s ailments. Through personalized dietary recommendations, lifestyle adjustments, and herbal remedies, a comprehensive treatment plan was crafted.


Under Dr. Thukral’s care, Rajbir saw amazing improvements. His chronic IBS symptoms subsided, his liver health showed signs of improvement, his hormonal balance was restored, and his mental health saw a positive shift away from depression.

  • Chronic Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is gone.
  • Liver Grade: 3 Cured
  • Hormonal Imbalance Cured
  • KAPHA: Depression Gone
  • Weight loss: 23 kg

Patient Testimonial:

“Our body is a temple; let’s worship.”

This was only a quote before I met Dr. Raghav, who is a nutritionist and to whom I am deeply indebted for his guidance in nourishing my body. And outlook on life.

Dr. Raghav has a very positive and kind personality. He is a great listener and provides customized solutions based on the analysis of the problems. I highly recommend him to all those who are suffering from any type of chronic ailment. Get yourself a new lease of life and start loving yourself all over again.

“Live to the fullest, without any doubt.”