Most Effective Tips To Improve Eyesight!

Lockdown has given us a lot of screen time. With an increased workload and nowhere to go, we all spend very little time looking at screens. If you start the day and end the night staring at your phone or laptop screen, you can quickly experience eye and eyelid fatigue. You may be shocked to learn that the harmful blue light from smartphones can make you blind. But the good news is that there’s a lot you can do to improve your vision.

Eyes are the door to our world. If our eyes were lighter, it would be a dark world. They are very delicate senses that need special care and attention. Ayurveda recommends a holistic and natural approach to eye care. Medicines and remedies used in Ayurveda can improve one’s health and outlook on life. In this blog, we will provide an overview of eye enhancement methods and applications.

Ayurvedic Treatments For Eyesight

The eyes usually get the most attention when someone has a problem and needs treatment. Our eyes endure inexplicable stress and overuse until we have to see a doctor. In addition, diseases such as diabetes, ageing, and glaucoma increase their impact on the eye. According to Ayurveda, the eyes are also associated with the elements that make up the universe. The muscles of our visual system are controlled by the Earth element, eye colour by the Air element, the whites of the eyes by Water, and the blood vessels by the Fire substance. The space in the palpebral nerve and eye bones is determined by the spatial bodies.

How to Improve Eyesight at Home Naturally

  • Maintain a Healthy Diet
  • Add Carotenoids
  • Practice Yoga
  • Say no to Smoking
  • Get Enough Sleep and Rest Your Eyes
  • Improve Lighting
  • Ayurveda

Tips To Improve Eyesight!

  • Wake up in the morning and fill your mouth with water and then splash cold water on your eyes.
  • Massaging the soles of the feet with mustard oil gives amazing benefits to the eyes.
  • Amla is very effective for eyesight. Vitamin-C is found in it, which acts as an antioxidant and nutrient.
  • Triphala powder is very helpful in increasing the eyesight. For this, soak it in water at night, filter it in the morning and wash your eyes with that water.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle for a Healthy Eyesight

Ayurveda recommends natural food and vihar (a healthy lifestyle) for overall well-being. In terms of diet, it focuses on eliminating junk, genetically modified foods, and chemicals from the diet. A high-fibre diet with lots of fruits and vegetables is best for healthy eyes and vision. This should be combined with a balanced lifestyle.

A balanced lifestyle is not natural or completely stress-free. In our current scenario, there is very little room for a 100% natural environment, so we can restore the natural balance of life by finding the right tools that channel stress and effort naturally.