Matka Water: Benefits and How to Fill It

In such a situation, today the time has come that we should turn towards our roots. You must have always heard from the elders that water should be drunk from a pot or earthen pot. In such a situation, today it is very important to awaken the earthen pot in the house and protect your family from the diseases that come.

According to our Ayurveda, the earthen pot is an incredible legacy that our ancestors gave us. Water from the pot gives countless benefits in every way. It is not only economical and environmentally friendly, but its many health benefits are also unmistakable.

Difference in water

Water from Plastic Bottles

  • Increases heart diseases
  • Reduces fertility
  • Increases cancer disease
  • Imbalances hormones
  • Causes metabolism-related diseases
  • Toxic chemicals like BPA are found in it

Water kept in a Pot

  • Full of Nutrients.
  • Protects from diseases like cancer
  • Improves digestive system
  • It also controls acidity
  • Matka cools water naturally
  • No poisonous chemicals are found in it

Nowadays people are crazy about alkaline water and spend a lot of money to buy alkaline water drinking machines or bottles, but let us tell you that water from a pot is naturally alkaline.

According to Ayurveda, water from an earthen pot is also precious because it contains all the five elements of nature – sky, fire, soil, water and air. By drinking it, the body gets these five rare elements. In such a situation, you can imagine how precious the water from an earthen pot is for us?

How to fill the water of a Pot

First of all, put three spoons of salt inside the pot and fill it completely with water. Then keep it overnight and throw away that water the next morning and wash the pot thoroughly. After that, the water you fill in it is the best for drinking.

Secondly, we have to put water in the sand pot placed under the pot, so that the water inside the pot remains cool for the whole day.

Thirdly, we have to put a silver coin inside the pot, so that some more energy will come into the water and after drinking the water, we will feel less heat.