Improve Your Immunity Naturally With Ayurveda?

What is Immunity?

Our body’s ability to fight against disease-causing organisms and protect us from these diseases by releasing antibodies to fight against them is called immunity.

The Ways to Improve Immunity Naturally-:

  1. By Focusing on Gut Health – Rule out Acidity, Bloating, Gases, Constipation, and Indigestion from their root cause because eight percent of immunity is in the gut.
    • Sleep Better – Healthcare professionals around the world are emphasising sleep because several studies shoes that quality sleep has a positive effect on health and immunity.
    • Diet & Nutrition – Eating a nutritious diet alone can help you improve and regulate your immunity. Eat cooked, warm, unctuous food seasonal and local vegetables and fruits. Eat as per body needs and appetite and as per timings of the day.
    • Sun & Nature – Exposing yourself to the morning sun and getting close to nature helps calm your senses. This is one of the most important things to do on regular basis for a good immune system. Sun give you all the important vitamins and nature gives you fresh air, to oxygenate your vitals better.
    • Genetics – Genes have a lot to do with your immunity. So, if a person is born with a low immune system epigenetics (individual nutrition, routine and stress management can help change genetic mutations and prevent disease.