Harkirat Singh, 14 Years

Meet Harkirat Singh, a 14-year-old student from Spring Dale School, Amritsar, whose health journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Under the compassionate guidance of Dr. Raghav Thukral, a renowned Ayurvedic practitioner, Harkirat embarked on a transformative path towards wellness. Battling challenges like Gynecomastia, gut health issues, skin allergies, and depression, his story stands as a testament to the power of holistic healing approaches.

Understanding Gynecomastia:

Gynecomastia (guy-nuh-koh-MAS-tee-uh) is an increase in the amount of breast gland tissue in boys or men. An imbalance of the hormones estrogen and testosterone causes it. Gynecomastia can affect one or both breasts, sometimes unevenly. Pseudogynecomastia is an increase in fat but not gland tissue in male breasts.

Newborns, boys going through puberty, and older men may develop gynecomastia due to natural changes in hormone levels. There are other causes, too. Most of the time, gynecomastia isn’t a serious problem. But it can be tough to cope with the condition. People with gynecomastia sometimes have pain in their breasts. And they may feel embarrassed.


Gynecomastia symptoms can include:

  • Pain, especially in teenagers.
  • Swollen breast tissue.
  • Tender breasts.
  • Sensitive nipples when they rub against clothes.

Presenting Issues

Harkirat’s health struggles were multifaceted, ranging from gynecomastia to gut health issues, skin allergies, and depression. These issues not only impacted his physical well-being but also took a toll on his mental health, affecting his self-esteem and overall quality of life.

Treatment Approach

With Dr. Thukral’s guidance, Harkirat embarked on a comprehensive treatment approach tailored to address his specific health needs. This included Ayurvedic medications targeting hormonal balance, dietary modifications emphasizing nutritious foods, lifestyle changes promoting physical activity and stress relief, a skincare regimen using herbal remedies, and counselling sessions to address emotional well-being.

Key Interventions

  • Ayurvedic Medicines: Herbal formulations targeting hormonal balance, gut health, and liver function.
  • Dietary Modifications: A tailored diet plan emphasizes nutritious, easily digestible foods.
  • Lifestyle Changes: Encouraged physical activity, yoga, and meditation for stress relief.
  • Skin Care Regimen: Herbal remedies for managing skin allergies and promoting clear skin.
  • Counselling Sessions: Provided emotional support and guidance to address depression and body image concerns.


Harkirat’s dedication to his wellness journey yielded remarkable outcomes:

  • Weight Loss: Reduced from 112.7 kg to 78.6 kg, marking a significant 35 kg weight loss.
  • Height gain: increased from 170.6 cm to 182.7 cm.
  • Resolution of Gynecomastia: Visible reduction in swollen breast tissue.
  • Improved Gut Health: Alleviation of Chronic Constipation Issues.
  • Clearer Skin: Significant reduction in pimples and skin allergies.
  • Enhanced Liver Function: Liver health improved from Grade 2 to normal.
  • Mental Well-being: Overcame depression and gained confidence in his appearance.


According to Kamal Preet Kaur, Harkirat’s mother, Dr. Thukral’s personalized care and expertise not only improved Harkirat’s physical health but also restored his self-confidence, highlighting the profound impact of holistic healing on his life.


Harkirat’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of holistic healing under the guidance of Dr. Raghav Thukral. Through Ayurvedic principles and personalized care, he not only addressed his health issues but also regained confidence and vitality, inspiring others on their own paths to wellness.