Hair Fall Ayurvedic Treatment

What are the causes of hair fall?

  • Stress or illness – When we take a lot of stress about something, our body releases the hormone called cortisol which affects the hair follicle and results in shedding of hair loss. Mental stress is as harmful as physical.
  • Protein deficiency- Having too little protein in our diet can also affect our hair growth because our hair requires proteins in order to grow.
  • Hormonal changes: The changes in hormones due to some toxic substances or internal body changes also cause a bad effect on our hair’s health.
  • Low iron levels-Iron deficiency may be a cause of unwanted hair loss. The growth of hair is directly linked to the iron levels in our body.
  • Over-styling- Examples of extreme styling include braids, weaves, cornrows, and chemical relaxers. If you practise those practices, you may affect your hair growth because they damage the hair roots.

    The Ayurvedic Approaches for Better Hair Health:

    Hair loss is a multi-factorial condition. Thus, one solution doesn’t fit all, therefore a personalized diet and recommendations are needed. By applying these simple home remedies, we can make our hair healthy.

    1. Shiro Abhyanga Head Massage

    It is the ayurvedic massage we can do for making our hair healthy. We have to use oils like coconut oil, and sesame oil to nourish the scalp for at least a week. For people with oily scalps, it is recommended to apply oil 30-60 minutes before the shower. Dry scalps can be left.

    2. Herbal Mask

    According to Ayurveda, herbal masking is beneficial as this herbal paste provides all essential nutrients to hair and scalp. Some of our masks are

    1. Fenugreek Hair Mask- To prepare this mask soak a few tablespoons of fenugreek or methi seeds overnight. Next, grind the seeds to make a fine paste. Apply directly to hair or scalp or mix it with yogurt to make a smooth paste. Keep it for 10-15 then rinse it with a sulfate-free shampoo. It will help in reducing dandruff & promote hair health.
    2. Amla hair mask – Take Amla, Shikakai, and Reetha Powder in a ratio of 3:2:1. Mix them all with curd and apply them on your scalp, keep it for 10-20 minutes & then rinse it well with normal water. It will help you grow your hair naturally.

    3. Nasya

    A traditional ayurvedic practice in which two drops of oil like almond or coconut are poured inside both nostrils daily. This practice helps nourish the hair roots and stimulate the nerves on the scalp to enable hair growth.