Eating enough and still thin?

Gaining weight with a High metabolism is tough, but even that can be countered and conquered with discipline, a conscious effort, and sticking to the plan. Nervousness, anxiety, and irritability are signs of your having a high metabolism.

Eat Calorie Rich Foods

Eat a heap-full of rice, bread, parathas/rotis, or pasta with every meal as these foods are rich in carbohydrates. This gives your body quick, accessible energy and helps you gain muscle.

Track Your Caloric Intake

You may be eating a lot of food that doesn’t provide enough calories. Therefore, it’s important to calculate how many calories you are taking in.

Add Extras To Your Meal

Add a few extra cheats and treats to the meals you already enjoy to add a few more calories to your regular diet.

  • Put a small blob of butter or ghee on your hot rice, paratha or dosa
  • Add two extra tablespoons of olive oil or dressing to your pasta if that’s your favorite meal

Make It Fun

Make sure you’re having fun eating heavy calorie items, and maybe even coin a term like ‘Mission Weight Gain’ to make it more of a fun challenge. Stress is no good whether you want to gain or reduce weight.

Get Support

Don’t be afraid to call your doctor dost to get Help!

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