Ayurveda Home Base Treatment for Cancer

Cancer is a very deleterious disease which is come without any warning. Even medical science is unable to discover the reason behind the cause of cancer. Here are some tips to prevent the risk of cancer

  • Avoid Tobacco
  • Avoid Smoking
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Be Physical Active

These Lifestyle tips help to prevent cancer

There are more important home base treatments that help to cure cancer.

Mix half a cup of cow urine from the indigenous black cow (the cow should not be pregnant or sick) and half a teaspoon of turmeric (a lump ground at home) and half a teaspoon of Punarnava and boil it and give it every morning on an empty stomach. Do not consume dalda, refined oil, aluminum utensils, etc. Eat more and more peeled items.

  • Yellow turmeric is for cancer.
  • The root of Punarnava is used as medicine.
  • The shoulder of a native cow takes the radiation of the sun’s rays. these rays in contact with his blood come, due to which a hormone is formed in their anti-cancer, which is called curcumin Chemicals are made.

There are some home base treatments for cancer which is helping to reduce the risk of cancer by Raghav Thukral