A Journey to Wellness: Lakhwinder Singh and Upkar Kaur Story


Meet Lakhwinder Singh and Upkar Kaur from Kurukshetra – a couple who discovered a remarkable path to health and happiness through the transformative care of Dr. Raghav Thukral.

Seven Months, a Lifetime Change:

In a mere seven months, Lakhwinder Singh underwent an incredible transformation. He not only shed an impressive 23 kg but also successfully addressed health issues like chronic constipation, hypertension, and a grade-3 liver. His journey illustrates the power of dedication and expert guidance.

Even when faced with tough health challenges, Lakhwinder Singh stayed determined. With Dr. Thukral’s personalized care, he not only lost weight but also felt more energetic and healthy.

From Seven Years of Struggle to Three Months of Relief:

Upkar Kaur, the wife of Lakhwinder Singh, faced a seven-year battle with arthritis. However, with the compassionate care provided by Dr. Thukral, relief came quickly within just three months. This is a testament to the idea that the right care, at the right time, can bring about life-changing results.

Upkar Kaur’s journey from daily pain to three months of relief highlights the importance of finding the right healthcare that addresses the root cause of issues, ensuring lasting and meaningful results.


Lakhwinder Singh and Upkar Kaur’s story is an uplifting example of the power of holistic wellness and the profound impact of personalized healthcare. Their journey demonstrates that, regardless of the challenges faced, the right guidance can lead to not only recovery but also a lifetime of sustained health and happiness.